Saturday, March 20, 2010

BRING YOUR OUTFITS, we will find the perfect matching BLOOMZ to accessorize with!

If you have an Easter dress or special event outfit
BLOOMZ can custom match for you!

Take a picture and forward to Tanya at
and we will get to work asap on your BLOOMZ creation!

We do Custom Wedding Hair BLOOMZ as well as flower girl BLOOMZ
and Bridal party BLOOMZ

BLOOMZ can do custom Party Favor BLOOMZ to match your
Party theme.

BLOOMZ can custom make ribbon ponies for any Sport team
(ck out picture on the right of blog)

We are here for YOU, let us help you accessorize with BLOOMZ!


If you know a mom that is expecting what an awesome gift to give! She can have Pink flip flops for a mom of a baby girl, or Blue flip flops for a mom of a boy. We can have some fun with zebra prints also and mix them in with the different colors. You can custom order your flip flops today!

Great gift ideas for little girls birthday gifts

Great gift ideas for Brides to wear after their wedding to be comfy

Great gift idea for a girlfriends birthday, who doesn't love flip flops!

Custom match any outfit with any BLOOMZ flip flops!